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The 2015 Campaign

The 2016 Chewing Gum Action Group campaign was delivered throughout September 2016.

The following partners were involved:

    • Chester BID

    • Colchester Council

    • Corby Council

    • Armagh Banbridge and Craigavon Council

    • Hounslow Highways

    • Kensington and Chelsea

    • Oldham Council

    • Hackney Council

    • Harrow Council

    • North Ayreshire council

    • Maidstone Council


In 2016, overall, there was a 36% decrease in littered gum in the areas that were monitored.


If you're a local authority, town centre management organisation,academic institution, BID or other land manager and would like to take part in this year's campaign, just let us know.



The adverts

Colourful eye-catching posters that encourage people to bin chewing gum their way.

Campaign message

Positive upbeat messaging supported by an enforcement strapline.


Our target is really broad. Old, young, man, woman, if you chew gum then do the right thing. Bin it your way.

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The results overview

Since 2006, the Chewing Gum Action Group campaigns have shown increasingly positive results in local authorities across the country, both in terms of awareness of the issue and reduction in gum litter.


overall reduction in gum litter in 2015



overall reduction of gum litter in 2013



of people said that the 2010 campaign made them want to change their behaviour


said the 2008 campaign made them realise that there is a fine for gum litter

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Previous campaigns

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‘Do your country proud’ campaign 2012

The 2012 campaign tapped into the excitement surrounding the Olympic and Paralympic Games, urging people to do their country proud.

Do your country proud portrait poster

Do your country proud landscape